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It’s not just about your logo design. It’s about the whole package. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you have to offer? How do you communicate and to whom? Why does it matter to you? Let’s find out together!


Campaign Strategy

Your cat gets more reach on the socials than you? Supposed your music is not completely terrible, your specific audience might just not know about you yet. Let’s develop a comprehensive campaign timeline with clear action steps to reach your goals!



The secret sauce to compelling content that your audience will love, share and purchase has a few crucial ingredients. Let me let yourself in on some secrets. Let’s create visual scroll-stoppers, images, videos, sounds, and persuasive copy.


Social Media

Keep the conversation about your music going! Managing your socials can be a massive time-consuming task but it is also the most effective way to grow and retain a loyal fan community. Let me help you with some savvy strategies and complementary co-management.


Online Ads

By now you’ve guessed it. We’re not just in the music business. We’re also in the marketing business. You want to make a name, sell your music, your merch, and have people come to your shows. Ads can seem scary and f*%?ing expensive. Let me show you how to keep your budget under control!


Email List

Even though I don’t believe that algorithms are a satan’s work, growing an email list as an artist will offer you to stay “kind of” unaffected of social media’s sudden change of heart. If you think people don’t need another spammy newsletter in their life: DON’T MAKE IT SPAMMY! Provide value! Let’s write awesome stuff!


Single Campaign



EP Campaign



Album Campaign


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