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Here at popscl., we work with big & small. The client becomes our partner. We join their team to really understand how they think, feel, and conduct their music business and to see where we can put our expertise most effectively.

We believe in the power of creative ownership, growth, integrity and personal connection. Our interdisciplinary network of artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from the entertainment industry reaches across the globe. If you want to join us as a client or partner, hit us up!


Sarah Elisabeth Wohlfahrt

Multidisciplinary creative, artist & entrepreneur located in Cologne, Germany. Strategist for digital music marketing.
I f*%$ing love this job!!!

Partner in Crime

Patrick Walch

Founder of digital music marketing agency Suricate Music and digital metal label Noble Demon.

Birger Nießen
Partner in Crime

Birger Nießen

Producer, sound designer and owner of (online) mixing and mastering services Birger Nießen Audio in Cologne, Germany. Specialist for electronic music, pop and synthies.

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